Day 4 - The First Experience on Lake Atitlan

Photo1 Lake AtitlanThe breakfast bell will ring early at 7:00 AM, so that we can have a pleasant meal before the first excursion on Lake Atitlan.  After a sumptuous breakfast (if you leave hungry, it is your fault), the group will walk down the short path to the docks and board a cruise boat for a quiet trip back into history.  The leisurely excursion will make a few short stops to orient you to what sites and activities are available on the Lake, so that each guest might begin to formulate their plans for the free time segments of their Mayan Excursion.  [Make sure you charge your camera batteries well the night before, as there are so many things to see and memories to begin to collect.]

Photo2 Lake AtitlanThe boat will return to the Hotel around 1:30 PM where lunch will be waiting.  After eating, the rest of the day is unscheduled, but each member of the group can choose from a list of things to do and places that one might go or, perhaps some laid back time in the Jacuzzi, sauna, or steam room is more to your liking.
Dinner will be served at 7:30 and hopefully there will be one of our signature sunsets to toast with the complimentary dinner wine.  After dinner, transportation will be available for a drive to test the night life of Panajachel – the vehicle is included in your vacation package, but your private diversions in the evening are the responsibility of the guest.