The Mayan Dream Dining Package is similar to the Mayan Bonus Plan; EXCEPT that instead of a credit for use in the restaurant, bar or gift shop, the Mayan Dream Dining Package is an All Inclusive Dining and Beverage Experience. In addition to including all food and beverage consumed from the hotel bars and restaurants, the Mayan Dream Dining Package includes free access to all Hotel Amenities, an additional credit that can be used for a Tuk-Tuk trip, or towards boat trips on the Lake. Purchasers of the Mayan Dream Package will receive a double chance entry in the regular hotel lottery.

Each of these four (4) pricing plans has “occupancy” pricing; i.e. the cost of each room regardless of which plan, increases as the number of occupants increases. The base price of each room assumes there are two occupants (there is no discount for less than two occupants). In order to assure a pleasant stay at Hotel Nuestro Sueño, the various rooms have specific maximum adult occupancy levels and number/type of beds. Room furnishings are adjusted to fit the number of reserving guests. Most furnishing configurations have no additional cost above the occupancy charges.